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Juuri Grow

Carbon Filter 150mm

Carbon Filter 150mm

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Efficient Filtration with Our Carbon Filter

Leverage the pinnacle of air filtration with our carbon filter, powered by the distinguished, fine-grained Australian RC412 carbon. This carbon is renowned for its exceptional quality, standing out as the premier grade for air filtration. Owing to its fine texture, the filter ensures no air pockets, resulting in exceptional filtering performance.

Consistent and Durable Filtering

Our filtering solution is equipped with a machine-washable prefilter, designed for optimal longevity and performance. The core, packed with high-grade charcoal encased in a breathable mesh, ensures lasting durability and continuous, unobstructed airflow. This advanced composition is adept at eliminating odors and purifying the air, creating a consistently clean and fresh environment.


  • Nozzle Diameter: 147mm
  • Coal: Australian Charcoal
  • Grade: RC412

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