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Juuri Grow

Juuri Grow - Bloom Nutrient

Juuri Grow - Bloom Nutrient

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Alchemy of Earth and Sky: A Symphony in a Bottle

An ancient recipe of vitality, preserved and passed down through aeons, it echoes the whispers from the elemental heart. More than nutrients, our enigmatic elixir is a symphony of nature, pH balanced and crafted for perfection. As you unveil its mysterious path, let your hydroponic haven immerse in an aura of flourishing life. This is our tribute to life, our hymn to nature's secret melodies – our three-part fertilizer embodies the journey of life from the fertile heart of the earth to the radiant sky.

Unveil Blossoming Mastery

Honor the grandeur of existence with our Bloom fertilizer – the culminating aria in the symphony of growth. Endowed with bloom-enhancing nutrients, this celestial brew unfurls the final act of life's saga, inspiring each bud to blossom in its fullest glory. In each vibrant petal and succulent fruit, the echoes of our Bloom resonate, a tribute to the fulfillment of life's promise. Bathe your blossoms in the radiant nectar of Bloom, let them bask in the evening sun, radiating the sweet perfume of accomplishment. Bloom – the twilight serenade of life's grand opera, an anthem to the grand finale in the eternal dance of growth.

Application Method: This three-part fertilizer series is intended to be used collectively. Apply in the following sequence: Micro, then Grow, followed by Bloom.


  • Bottle Size:
    • 1 Liter
  • NPK:
    • 0-5-4
  • Key Nutrient Ratios:
    • Nitrogen: 0%
    • Phosphorus: 5%
    • Potassium: 4%
  • Additional Ingredients:
    • Magnesium: 1.5%
    • Sulfur: 1%
  • pH Range:
    • 5.5 - 6.5
  • Feeding Chart:

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