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Juuri Grow

Juuri Grow - Grow Tent 150cm

Juuri Grow - Grow Tent 150cm

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The Lush Sanctuary: Your Garden's Elysium Under Canopy

Unfurl the gates to a paradise, one where your verdant dreams can root, flourish, and soar. Introducing our Grow Tents—a sublime sanctum crafted meticulously to nurture the seeds of your aspirations. Within these four walls, turn your vision into vegetative reality, and watch your Eden blossom.

Unyielding Radiance & Resilience: A Tale of Fabric and Frame

Seamlessly marrying function with durability, our tents encapsulate the best of both worlds. Cloaked in a 600D Oxford cloth exterior that's impenetrable to light, the inside sparkles with highly reflective silver Mylar fabric. This luminescent layer multiplies every photon, ensuring your plants are swathed in a complete spectrum of radiant energy. The D16mm frame poles hold steadfast, making the tent as sturdy as it is functional. Our tents feature adjustable mesh windows that not only provide air intake but can also be covered based on your plants' needs. Additionally, the tent comes with an array of double-layered and adjustable vents, tailored for every use case, from passive airflow to mechanical extraction. Reinforced corners make the structure exceptionally robust, and a water-tight base layer keeps any excess moisture at bay. Need to keep the door open for quick access? We've included hooks that make it a breeze.


  • Material: 600D Oxford cloth with reflective silver Mylar fabric
  • Frame: D16mm poles
  • Size150cm x 150cm x 200cm
  • Adjustable Vents:
    • up to 150mm vents x 4
    • up to 200mm vents x 3
  • Windows:
    • 3x mesh window
  • Includes:
    • 4x hanging straps
  • Assembly Instructions:

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