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Juuri Grow

Juuri Grow - Nano Hydroponic System

Juuri Grow - Nano Hydroponic System

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Hydroponic Mastery: 'Juuri Grow Nano Hydro'

Introducing the 'Juuri Grow Nano Hydro' – a pinnacle of hydroponic evolution that merges beauty with innovation. Designed for those who seek an unparalleled growing experience, this system is a gateway to the wonders of high-performance cultivation in a compact form factor. By prioritizing both performance and user convenience, the 'Juuri Grow Nano Hydro' beckons you into a world where superior yields are achievable for everyone.

Included in the Set:

  • Tank Module: A robust tank to ensure a stable foundation.
    • External observation pipe equipped with a float marker, ensuring easy water level monitoring in the tank module.
  • Grow Modules (x4):  Modular cultivation units with big, integrated net pot lids.
  • Modules:
    • Growing Medium: Premium quality clay pebbles provided for all Grow modules.
    • Valves: Individual shut-off valves for each module to ensure precise control and allows easy emptying and removing of modules
    • Observation: Sealed observation windows in all modules, allowing for quick health checks without disturbing the plants.
    • Flexible: With an extended supply pipe, adaptability is at your fingertips. Whether you wish to spread out the modules or configure them compactly, our design caters to the uniqueness of your grow space.
  • Aeration System:
    • High-performance air pump
    • Premium tubing and one-way valves for consistent and safe airflow
    • Advanced nano airstones to enhance oxygenation
    • Water sealer inlet for the air pipe, allowing the pipe to be embedded inside the module for a free-lid design.

The Lifeline to Growth: Oxygen

At the core of the system lies our lifeline to growth – Oxygen. Often understated, the role of oxygen in hydroponics is irrefutable. The supply to roots is directly proportionate to the efficiency and speed of cultivation. Our 'Nano Hydro' system comes with an efficient and powerful air pump that not only operates seamlessly but also offers continuous adjustability of airflow.

The Nano Air Diffuser

Riding the wave of nanotechnology, our system utilizes Nano Air Diffuser technology in its air stones. Made from precision-crafted, nano-textured material, this air stone dissects the air into nano-sized bubbles, dramatically expanding their surface area and their oxygen dissolution capacity. By doing so, we're able to supersaturate the roots with up to 30% more oxygen than traditional air stones – a leap forward that yields significant dividends in plant growth and yield.

Simplicity at Its Finest

Boasting spacious 20-liter cultivation containers, the system offers a collective water capacity of 100 liters. This ensures a prolonged availability of nutrient-dense water for the plants. Monitoring the water level and emptying the system is a straightforward process, courtesy of the conveniently placed access pipe on the tank module. Furthermore, the durability of the buckets, coupled with ergonomic handles, ensures effortless mobility. And with individual shut-off valves, maintenance becomes an absolute breeze.

Emancipate yourself from the burdens of hefty soil bags, messy spills, and soil-borne pests. With the 'Juuri Grow Nano Hydro' system, indulge in the untapped potential of hydroponic cultivation, and witness the alchemy of water, air, and technology create a vibrant and plentiful harvest quickly.

Specifications Overview:

  • Bucket Capacity: 20L each
  • Total Water Capacity: 100L
  • Modules:
    • Grow Modules: 4
    • Tank: 1
  • Air Stones: 4x Nano Air Stones
  • Air Stone Diameter: 10cm
  • Air Pump Specifications:
    • Power: 12 Watt
    • Air Output: 4L/min x 4
    • Air Pressure: 0.02Mpa
  • System Dimensions:
    • Overall Dimension: 110cm x 110cm
    • Bucket Height: 38cm
  • Product Manual: Download
  • Dimensions: 35cm x 35cm x 78cm
  • Weight: 10kg

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