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Juuri Grow

Juuri Grow - Complete Grow Set

Juuri Grow - Complete Grow Set

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Tent & Fan

Complete Grow Set by Juuri Grow

Dive into the holistic experience of plant cultivation with our Complete Grow Set. Designed with precision and care, this set is a manifestation of our commitment to offering a seamless, 'plug-and-play' gardening solution for both novices and aficionados. Every component in this set has been handpicked, ensuring that you have the best at your fingertips, right from the seed stage to the joyous moment of harvest.

Key Features:

Grow Tent: Dive into a dedicated cultivation space with our premium grow tent. Tailor your growth environment by selecting the tent size that suits your needs. 
Grow Net for the Grow Tent: Support and lay out your plants to optimize light exposure as they rise with our structured grow net.
Choice of Cultivation: Choose your cultivation method based on your preference:
  • Juuri Grow's Nano Hydro System: Dive into hydroponics with our state-of-the-art Nano Hydro system, ensuring optimal growth conditions and impressive yields.
  • 4x 11L Fabric Pots: For those who prefer traditional soil cultivation, our breathable fabric pots ensure good aeration, promoting healthier roots and robust plant growth.
Juuri Grow SunGrown Series LED: Illuminate your plants' world with our top-tier SunGrown Series LED lights, engineered for optimal growth wavelengths and energy efficiency.
Juuri Grow's Inline Fan Set: Maintain perfect airflow and create an optimal microclimate inside your grow space. Our fans ensure fresh air exchange while keeping the environment just right.
24-Hour Timer: Precision is key in growth cycles, and our reliable timer ensures your plants receive light, water, and care at the exact intervals they need.
4x Tent Hanging Straps: Organize and optimize your grow space. These durable straps make it easy to position and adjust your equipment inside the tent.

Step into the verdant world of gardening with all the tools and equipment you need, packed into one comprehensive set. With the Complete Grow Set by Juuri Grow, plant cultivation becomes a joyous journey, marked by vivid growth and abundant harvests. Embrace simplicity, embrace growth.


  • Tent & Fan Options:
  • Led Options:
  • Cultivation Options:
    • 4+1 Nano Grow System: See more.
    • 4x 11L Fabric Pots
  • Grow Net 
  • 24-Hour Timer
  • 4 x Tent Hanging Straps
  • 2 x Metal hooks
  • 2 x adjustable hanging rope 

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